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The Founding of Anahata Retreats

During a visionary shamanic experience in 2011, Simon Belcher, founder of Anahata was shown a clear vision of his future location and life’s purpose. A life to be dedicated to bringing healing at his healing centre in Thailand.


A fashion designer living in England at the time, Simon had no idea how or when this prophetic vision would materialize. A series of unexpected course of events quickly found Simon in Koh Samui, Thailand by early 2013. After an initial 5 years managing a successful detox retreat business, during a chance encounter, Simon found the exact location shown to him in that earlier visionary experience and knew immediately the location for his retreat and healing centre. In 2018 Anahata Samui was founded in that exact location.

A visit to Anahata on the shore of the peaceful Lipanoi bay, makes the magical energy of the location obvious. Together with his partner Ann Hamill and their team, Anahata is now on the map as an important destination for wellness and healing.

Simon, resident in Samui is very much involved in the day to day running of the centre where he offers personal healing therapies including Reiki, ThetaHealing and Sound Healing.

Meet The Team


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