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Intermittent fasting has been gaining much popularity amongst health seekers as it offers a sustainable lifestyle choice that naturally promotes weight loss where necessary, boosts natural immunity and longevity. This approach to fasting involves a daily period of between 14 – 18 hours of fasting with a window of 8 – 4 hours within which to eat and nourish the body with good food.


The Anahata Intermittent Fasting Detox offers the best of our Juice Detox and Raw Food Detox programs. A daily schedule of 16 hours “juicing” combined with 8 hours of delicious and highly nutritious plant-based Raw Foods makes this a great entry into the world of detox for detox novices and a perfect introduction to a sustainable lifestyle choice if you are looking to achieve and maintain optimum health.

Freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices to cleanse and reboot your body and boost immunity with a daily afternoon schedule of delicious and cleansing raw foods and smoothies.

As with all our detox programs, toxicity and acidity, the underlying causes of excess weight and all disease; will be addressed.

The Anahata Intermittent Fasting Detox is suitable for you whatever your age and whether you are a seasoned detoxer or an absolute beginner; ideal if you are looking for a short and gentle detox experience or a longer stay. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you and support you on your healing journey back to excellent health and vitality!

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7 Day Retreat

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14 Day Retreat

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21 Day Retreat

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