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A personal schedule of yoga, personal training, spa & holistic treatments together with a healthy vegan and juice menu bringing the mind, body and spirit back to balance.
During an initial pre-cleanse, the body is charged with freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices, along with vitamin, enzyme and mineral-rich raw food, ensuring that it is well-nourished in preparation for the fasting process.
This is followed by our juice fasting program, thoroughly cleansing the digestive tract, all the vital organs, and the bloodstream and supported with powerful herbs and supplements to maximize the potential of weight loss.
Before leaving, an opportunity to enjoy a delicious raw food post-cleanse menu to support your transition back to a healthier new lifestyle!

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7 Day Weight Loss Retreat

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21 Day Weight Loss Retreat

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14 Day Weight Loss Retreat

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28 Day Weight Loss Retreat

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