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Anahata Wellbeing Resort

Anahata Wellbeing Resort provides a one-of-a-kind holiday experience for the conscious and independent traveller seeking to not only escape the strains of contemporary life, but also to reconnect with a more basic and natural way of being.

This eco-friendly, traditional Thai tropical seaside retreat has two lodging zones that are linked by a beachside path.

Traditional Thai massages and spa treatments are available to Anahata Wellbeing Resort guests in a pavilion on the beach or in interior treatment rooms, with expert therapists and chemical-free products.

You can watch the sunset at Alchemy Cafe and Juice Bar, a seaside restaurant that serves raw, vegan, vegetarian, and healthful Flexitarian Thai and fusion dishes.

To make tasty and healthful cuisine, the hotel uses local, natural, and organic products. Many of the items are sourced from the property's garden.


Anahata Wellbeing Retreats offer the perfect locations and environments in which to attain Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual health and balance. Our wellness programs have been created to help you Detox, Heal, Reboot and Rejuvenate.

Health is wholeness; our physical health is dependent on our non-physical well-being. To achieve this we must go within. Our retreats are located within stunning and peaceful settings which along with our team of experienced coaches, healers and trainers, provide just
the setting in which to take this journey to excellent health, joy and longevity!


Room's & Villa's

Each room or bungalow has individually controlled air conditioning, private bathrooms with hot water, patio and chairs, satellite TV, DVD player, refrigerator, safety box, and unlimited drinking water. Each of the wonderful bungalows and rooms are decorated with a southern Thai style old world charm.



Experience some of the best sunsets in Asia at Alchemy Cafe and Juice Bar our beachfront restaurant

We select the finest local, natural and organic ingredients to create delicious and nutritious dishes. Many of the ingredients used are grown in our own garden. But the magic ingredients are love and care, of which we offer in abundance.

We invite you to enjoy being someone who chooses to love your body and your life, feeling grateful each day and open to new experience. Enjoy eating nourishing and live whole food!

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